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Hamton provides its customers with a portfolio of service options.

Provision of Specialist Equipment

We are not machine re-sellers, we put together engineered solutions to allow our clients to maximise the value of their metals. We then offer lease/hire on the whole equipment package. We have found that not any one manufacturer has the answer to all of the problems and so we design our solutions including a range of manufacturer’s equipment. We also add some bespoke features of our own which improve productivity, reliability, safety, maintainability and environmental footprint. A single manufacturer can only offer you the best products from their limited range whereas we select from the whole market.

All equipment comes with maintenance packages and spares based on service level agreements.

Metal Management Turnkey Packages

Our fully managed packages are aimed at the manufacturer who would like to the benefit of a full infrastructure and investment but without the need to commit either capital funding or to increase in house operator headcount. Our fully managed packages are normally 3-7 year investment and manning contracts in which we carry out all of the required tasks for an agreed monthly fee for the contracted period.

The types of equipment we supply are:

As well as equipment we can provide trained labour resources to support your operations. This can be to allow you to focus on your core business or simply to undertake tasks which can add value to your scrap metal.

We can provide:

Where a client has their own processing equipment installed which is either partly in use or even not working correctly, we can support this operation and either get the process working again. On the basis that the equipment is basically sound we can offer to take the process over and manage it on your behalf.

All contracts are subject to negotiation and cost benefit analysis and can be a blend of service elements depending upon your requirement.

Material Marketing

Although we are not dealers in scrap we can help our clients to get their material to market. In order to ensure that our clients get the value for their scrap metals at every point we offer to trade material to the market on a commission basis only.

We have the ability to take client’s material and open book auction it to potential end users either in annual contracts or spot price sales. This can be done through sealed bid tenders, live auctions or directly negotiated sales agreements.

We can write material specifications and provide all of the commercial support to clients to allow them to optimise their material value. We can assist in the drafting of sales agreements which help to maximise returns in a rising market and preserve revenue in a falling market. At all times you as the client keep the revenue.

Our knowledge of the scrap market both in terms of material values and use coupled to access to key players in the market means that we can generate optimum sales value.

Because we work on a commission only basis it is always in our interest to maximise your return. That makes us different.

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