Types of Operation

On Site Optimisation

Every manufcaturer has different issues, processes and problems depending on the nature of the metals they work with. Almost no manufacturing operation produces single uniform scrap metals and even if it does the control and optimisation remains an issue. Below are some of the processes which we use to acheive this.

Machining and Turning Operations

 These types of operations produce scrap metals such as Swarf, Chips, Borings & Grinding Sludge. It is also almost universally the case the this material contains foreign objetcs, coolant and oils.

We can offer:

We have first hand experience working with a range of metals such as Cast Iron, Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Titanium, Copper & many others. We have successfully cleaned and reclaimed tens of thousands of tonnes of our client's material. We currently operate the largest swarf reclamation contract in Europe.

Stamping and Pressing

Presisng and stamping operations are tough environments and the selection and segregation of metals is essential. Optimisation for transport is also key with baling, shearing and shredding playing an inportant role in preparing metals for sale.

We can offer:

Other Processes

We can offer a range of specialist equipment to treat the very low grade materials such as grinding sludges and other oily or wet materials.

We have a range of grinding sludge presses and similar equipment which can reduce volumes and cost aswell as offering the opportunity for full remediation and recycling. Hamton are the only company to have received an ENTEC award for its work on reducing the impact of grinding sludge.

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