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What is Metals Management?

Metals management is the integration of resource, processes, innovation, engineering and market knowledge directly at the point scrap metals arise on the client’s site. The single aim is to take the scrap metal arising from the manufacturing process and transform it into material with a higher market value and desirability.

This is all about bringing processes known within the scrap metal market directly to client sites so that the bulk of the additional revenue is then made by the client.

What do we offer?

Integrated Metals Management Service

We are able to offer our clients individual process support through to a totally integrated and managed service providing:

Who can we help?

We are able to support ans assist any company who produces scrap metal from its operations from large companies such as Automotive's, Aerospace and Rail companies to smaller fabrication shops and parts manufacturers. Any product from tin foil to cast iron and car wheels can be recycled.

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